Mission Statement

  • Creating unique learning experiences aimed at achieving communication with understanding in cross cultural environments, by utilizing effective global partnerships, inclusiveness, self-awareness, and innovative materials and services.

Vision Statement

  • Making Communication with Understanding across the World a Reality.


  1. Constantly evaluate and creatively revise our methods of providing quality products and service in order to meet the changing needs of the participants and entities we serve.
  2. Educate and train staff, instructors and participants on the usefulness of psychological, personality and cultural dynamics, in order to maximize learning effectiveness.
  3. Continually implement emerging technologies and methodologies to adapt to evolving learning needs.
  4. Provide unique and affordable learning products and services, which are globally accessible.
  5. Develop global relationships with professional entities in order to synergize efforts that support unique language and cultural learning experiences.
  6. Maintain a financial management system that holds to generally accepted accounting practices, is regularly monitored as prescribed by the state and accrediting entities and provides financial stability necessary to the successful operation of the Institute.
  7. Provide comprehensive student services that encourage and enable all students to be successful learners by ensuring student retention and satisfaction.
  8. Maintain an effective and ethical admission process that ensures sufficient enrollment in order to foster the institution.

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