About our Corporate Department

Bilingual Education Institute (BEI), based in Houston, TX, has been helping culturally diverse organizations for more than 40 years to develop the global competency of their employees.

We achieve this by providing customized skills enhancement, training, and consultancy services in the areas of language and communication, global perspectives and culture, and organization habits and behaviors.

Our Total Activity Approach methodology features customized and personalized solutions – We know that nothing can replace the value and effectiveness of direct interaction while learning.

With over 20,000 successful clients, we are confident our methods work.

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Solutions. Identify the appropriate solution to your company’s need.

BEI’s extensive experience with diverse industries combines with your specific organization and employee needs to identify appropriate global competencies. Oil & Gas? Manufacturing? Globalizing your company presents many opportunities, as well as challenges. Whether you are just considering the prospect of global incentives and resources, or if you are looking to broaden your global presence, BEI will help.

We are prepared to customize training for an individual or an entire company. Whether you are bringing an employee to Houston, or sending an employee for an overseas assignment, we can ensure a successful transition, business experience, and opportunity for greater success. Have something else in mind? Let’s talk.

Wherever your business is heading, we can help you get there. BEI’s comprehensive solutions can help you confidently work with any country by equipping you with the necessary skills in areas such as language training, business behavior, and cross-cultural interactions.

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You’ve got employees, contractors, partners, vendors and customers in different countries from different cultures who speak different languages.
Can you effectively communicate with all of them?

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Our training services feature customization to your specific needs for your organization and employees.

Language Services

Business English
English for Engineers
Business Spanish
Workplace English
Medical English
Hospitality English
Safety Vocabulary

Communication Services

Accent Reduction
Presentation Skills
Writing Professional E-mails
Colloquial English

Cultural Training

American Culture/Customs/Etiquette
Expat and Family Courses

Coming Soon!

Needs Analysis
Technical Writing
Persuasive Communication
Productive Business Meetings
Business Arabic
Cultural Orientation by Country
Do’s and Don’ts

Language Services

BEI’s language trainings focus on developing skills to effectively communicate in a new target language. They can range from language basics to targeted specific language. Training can be conducted on-site or at our language institute.

Communication Services

BEI’s Communication Services will help employees in your organization to communicate more confidently and effectively.

Cultural Training

Cultural Training Workshops prepare individuals to live and work in new countries. Cultural mishaps are high-stakes. Let us help guide your organization to avoid these risks.

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