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Cultural Workshops

Travelling or Moving Overseas?

Cultural Workshops prepare individuals to live and work in new countries.  Learn about Culture and Language.

  • Customs
  • Attitudes
  • Beliefs
  • Values
  • Survival Phrases
  • Common Vocabulary

Learn about local insights into customs, attitudes, beliefs, and values in order to successfully transition into living and working abroad on international assignments and contract work.

Learn survival phrases and common vocabulary in the targeted language.

Cultural Workshops are perfect for

  • Contract workers
  • EFL Teachers
  • Overseas volunteers
  • Long-term Relocations

Target Languages

  • English

Learn About:

  • Local/Business Ethical Values
  • Learn about values that shape local attitudes and beliefs
    • Time
    • Collectivism vs. Individualism
    • Past vs. Present vs. Future oriented societies
    • Hierarchy
    • Privacy
    • Formal vs. Informal
    • Work Hard, Play Hard
    • Professional life vs. Personal life
    • Equality
  • Understanding and Cooperating with various personality temperaments
  • Developing better business relationship with international partners
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
    • Intonation
    • Tone
    • Gestures
    • Body Language
  • Appropriate communication styles for professional, personal, and social situations
  • Living/Working in multicultural and multilingual environments


  • Increased awareness of diversity
  • Visible changes in behavior and communication between the U.S. based and the international employees
  • Maximize your competitive advantage of working with professionals from diverse backgrounds.

*All courses and topics are available for customization.  See our representatives for details.

Who are these classes for?

Cultural Orientation training program classes are the perfect solution for U.S. residents/employees who are planning for business/employment visits abroad or relocating for long-term assignments.

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