English Language Training Courses

English as a Second Language

ESL classes focus on survival language skills. Our classes teach the core language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. We have English classes for all levels from pre-beginner to advanced.

This course is designed for learners with little or no knowledge of English. Students will learn the alphabet, number recognition, sight words, and phonics.

For students with irregular schedules or that live faraway, BEI has online self-paced classes for students to study English anywhere and anytime. Classes are provided through our partnership with Burlington English.

English classes taught with a Hybrid method offer instruction in both online and face-to-face classes. This course is great for students who prefer both self-paced instruction and practice with the instructor and fellow students.

This course is perfect for small groups that have similar language learning objectives and need to work on specific language goals.

BEI offers private instruction for student with limited abilities that may make it difficult to participate in a group class. Limited abilities may include, but are not limited to low vision, hearing impaired, and mobility issues.

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English For Specific Purposes Courses

Life Skills English

These courses introduce newly arrived refugee into the functions of American society. Students will become familiar with different sectors of our local community and the English needed to be successful. Popular course themes include Financial Literacy, Healthcare Literacy, and Understanding the U.S. Education system.

These courses provide English skills for specific job industries. Students in these courses may have previous experience in those fields or may be interested in entering that job field. Popular course themes include Medical English, English for Information Technology, and English for Administrative Professionals.

This course is customized for employers who have a significant population of refugees employed. Classes are often at the workplace and combine basic survival English skills with specific industry related vocabulary and phrases.

The specific needs of Houston’s refugee community may determine that English classes for specific purposes are needed to promote confidence and self-sufficiency in areas such as Conversation, Writing, etc

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