English as a Second Language

Our ESL program offers classes for beginner to advanced language learners. These classes focus on survival language skills with a focus on speaking, listening, and real-life strategies for reading and writing. We offer four levels:

Level 1

Level 1 is for Beginning learners. In this class, student will start speaking in English. Students will gain confidence to ask and answer the questions about themselves, family, community, weather, health, money, and daily activities. Students will practice speaking by using simple and continuous present tenses and expressions of time and place.

  • 80 hour program
  • Target Learner: Beginner

Level 2

Level 2 is for High Beginning & Low Intermediate learners. In this class, students will continue learning grammar (comparative degree, modal verbs, past/future tense) and practice more speaking. Discussion topics include job search, U.S. school systems, emergencies, nutrition, housing, driving, and life goals.

  • 80 hour program
  • Target Learner: High Beginner to Upper Intermediate

Level 3

Level 3 is for High Intermediate learners. In this course, students will focus on topics related to cultural and linguistic adaptation to life in the U.S.:  budgeting, safety, laws, volunteering, problem-solving communication, and career success. In addition to proficient speaking, this course is rich with intermediate level vocabulary and grammar.

  • 80 hour program
  • Target Learner: High Intermediate

Level 4

Level 4 is for Advanced learners. In this course, students will focus on higher level speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  Students will learn new vocabulary related to adult education, job training, communication, federal taxes, home maintenance, and long-term planning.

  • 80 hour program
  • Target Learners: Advanced
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