Customizable Courses

Do you have a special course request?

  • English for HVAC?
  • English for Housekeeping?
  • English for Civil Engineers?

Whatever the subject or workplace, BEI can create a customized class for you.

Customizable courses are designed for newcomers to the US to become familiar with US professions and to be successful in workplace. This includes assistance with preparation for entry and recertification for specific programs. If an entrance exam is needed for a particular program, students will enroll in a customize course to learn what to expect, how to prepare, and will practice the specific English requirements for the test.

For those who are already employed and need to improve workplace performance with improved English proficiency and understanding of American workplace culture, course content will include specific vocabulary, writing, and conversation necessary in the targeted workplace or profession. Whatever need is,

BEI’s curriculum development team will tailor the content considering the learning objectives, English proficiency levels of the students, the duration of the course, and the number of students enrolled. Currently, we have courses for IT, Medical Terminology, Engineering, Housekeeping and obtaining your Texas Driver’s License.  If you have a topic or subject in mind, contact our Team for more information. We are open to your suggestions and feedback.

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