Welcome to BEI!

Join a global community that is uniquely equipped to meet the needs of international students.

From the students that walk our halls to the instructors that teach them, you will find culture and diversity everywhere at BEI. Even the administrative staff that helps you enroll possess a special understanding of the unique challenges facing our students.

Bilingual Education Institute is a place of diversity and inclusion.

We are so proud to have students, faculty, and staff who represent so many different cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs.  Each and every one adds to BEI’s culture.

There are more than 12 home languages spoken amongst our faculty and staff and students from more than 100 countries have studied with BEI.  In fact, our hometown of Houston is the most ethnically diverse metropolis in the USA.

At BEI, we thrive on what makes us all unique.

We believe that if you want to know the world, you must first know its people. BEI is far more than just a school – it’s a lifestyle.

Dedicated international resources, coupled with our warm, attentive staff, creates a supportive, welcoming environment where you can truly succeed. How you learn and live is just as important as where you do it, and there is nowhere else like BEI.

We will help you find home again. 



I was very happy with BEI. I spent 3 cycles with them. It was an amazing journey with them. All of the teacher and staff, whom I met there, helped me a lot. They helped me, and they guided me in all aspects.

Nasirin (India)

My experience at BEI was very good. The teachers are very good with their job, and can be funny at the moment they have to be. I really enjoyed all of the levels, especially because I realized that my English was getting better every minute that I spent there.

Salvador (Equatorial Guinea)

BEI has helped me with my English. The staff is friendly and treats you like family. They are always smiling. I definitely recommend BEI.

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