American Culture Do's and Don'ts

American Culture Do’s and Don’ts

  •    Do not be late for any event; Apologize if you are late
  •    Shake hands when you meet a person for the first time
  •    Respect personal space – don’t stand too close
  •    Americans like when people smell nice and look nice – just say thank you if you receive a compliment
  •    Treat everyone equally
  •    Do not ask questions about religion, income, marriage status, age, or politics
  •    You can call your teacher by their first name at BEI
  •    You can make new friends
  •    Americans do not negotiate price unless you are buying BIG items such as a car or house
  •    International students need to obey U.S. laws
  •    Do not drink and drive
  •    Open containers are not allowed in your cars
  •    If you get a ticket from the police, pay your fine right away

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