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Everything is bigger in Texas, especially the food. Houston is home to over 10,000 restaurants representing 70 different types of cuisines and cultures. Whatever you are in the mood to eat, Houston has either a restaurant or supermarket for it. Enjoy traditional Texas BBQ; Grab a bowl of Pho in Chinatown; or enjoy an elegant evening at some of the most culturally refined and sophisticated venues in the country.

Check out these websites to learn more about restaurants and food events in Houston.

“Space City” also enjoys a variety of entertainment, cultural and adrenaline-pumping events. Every week, there are concerts, sporting events, and arts. Houstonians also love to get outside and enjoy activities like bicycling, volleyball, and jogging in the many parks around the city. BEI students can take advantage of trips, and student activities every week. We go to waterparks, dancing, the movies, etc. Find other activities in Houston using the links below.

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