Grace Periods

 30 Day Grace Period

F1 students may be admitted to the United States no more than 30 days before the program start date. If you don’t know this date, look on your I-20.  The third section on page 1 is titled, “Program of Study.”  In this box, you will see “Earliest Admission Date.”  This date is the earliest you can arrive in the US.

60 Day Post-Completion Period

Students who complete their program (Graduate Level 8) have a 60 day grace period.

During this grace period, a student –

  • CAN prepare to depart the US before the 60 days ends.
  • CAN transfer to another school before the 60 days ends.
  • CANNOT use the 60 days to re-enter the US after travel abroad.

15 Day Grace Period after Authorized & Approved Withdrawals

Students who need to leave the USA due to a family emergency, personal matter, or extenuating circumstance, may be permitted an authorized early withdrawal or temporary absence from their studies.  Permission is granted from the International Student Advisor.

Students have 15 days to depart the USA following the withdrawal from classes.

Unapproved Withdrawals or Termination

Students must depart the USA immediately if they have an unapproved withdrawal or termination.  If a student fails to maintain status, or withdraws from school or otherwise terminates or interrupts his or her course of studies without first obtaining DSO approval in SEVIS, the student is not eligible for any grace period.

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