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If you are entering the US on an F1 visa, you will need proof of health insurance while you study at Bilingual Education Institute.  In many countries, health care expenses are covered for residents.  However, in the United States, individuals are responsible for these expenses themselves.  Medical expenses can cost thousands of dollars.  A good insurance policy gives you access to excellent medical facilities and offers protection against expensive costs of health care.

Option 1: Purchase health insurance from a private company in the United States.

BEI does not mandate which company you use.  There are many options for international students with plans as low as $40/month.  Here’s one company that many of our students prefer.

Option 2: Bring a health insurance policy from your home country.

With this option, students may need to pay their medical bills by themselves first, and then get reimbursed later when they return to their home country.

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