Can’t decide where to live while you study in Houston? Host family? Apartment? There are many affordable options for accommodations in our great city.

The decision is up to you. Some students want the cultural experience of living with an American host family. Other students prefer to privacy and desire to stay in their own apartment.

BEI’s campus is centrally located in Houston’s Galleria District. We are on Metro Bus Route #25 on Richmond Ave. However, many students live in very affordable apartments right across the street. Our zip code is 77057. Visit one of the following apartment links to learn more.




Staying with an American family can offer a valuable experience in a home away from home, where one can learn about local culture and traditions. Students also find the extra English practice to be rewarding in helping to reach individual language learning goals.

BEI does not directly arrange for homestays, but welcomes students to visit one of our Houston area homestay partners. If this is the option you choose, be sure to submit your applications early. There are many students who choose this option, and you don’t want to be stuck on a waitlist. Visit www.homestayhouston.com to learn more.

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