Maintaining Status

Once you begin your studies in the United States, you may hear an instructor or advisor mention this phrase, “maintain your status.”  As a non-immigrant student, you entered the USA with an F visa, and your status refers to the reason or purpose of your visit to the United States – STUDENT.  Therefore, to maintain your status, means that you must be a student and follow the associated regulations.

There are many requirements of a student, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Enter the USA no more than 30 days before classes begin.
  • Inform your school of when you arrive.
  • Report to school by the program start date.
  • Attend class, and pass your classes.
  • Study full-time.
  • Inform your advisor of any personal changes, such as moving to a new apartment.
  • Do not work if not authorized to do so.

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