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Our students are part of our BEI family, and our school is their home away from home. We share happy and joyous moments together and make memories that last a lifetime. We embrace diversity and love how we all learn to communicate with each other!

Read about how some of our students have shared their BEI experiences:

I am really enjoying studying at BEI. It is a great school. Once you get in here, you become a part of a big and lovely family. They have an attentive and friendly staff. The teachers are very professional with large experience. I am a Level 5 student, and I have been here since Level 2. I can say for sure that my English has improved a lot. So, if you really want to study or improve with amazing results, come join us.
Hamilton (Angola)
I improved my English and I made friends. I had a wonderful time here. I will miss my BEI family.
Rosangela (Brazil)
I was very happy with BEI. I spent 3 cycles with them. It was an amazing journey with them. All of the teacher and staff, whom I met there, helped me a lot. They helped me, and they guided me in all aspects.
Nasirin (India)
This school provides an interesting, interactive, diverse, fun, and challenging environment to learn English. The teachers are excellent and the staff is friendly and helpful. I had a wonderful time here.
Gerald (Belgium)
I’m Gasser from Egypt. BEI is a really good place to study English. They improved my language a lot. They are really friendly. The teachers are awesome and the whole staff knows what they are doing. If you have an issue, they understand it and try to even help you with it. To all my Egyptians, come here guys!
Gasser (Egypt)
BEI has helped me with my English. The staff is friendly and treats you like family. They are always smiling. I definitely recommend BEI.
Yossi (Indonesia)
I really enjoyed my experience here in BEI, and I highly recommend this institute, starting from the staff to the teachers. Everyone is very friendly and kind. Come on, join BEI!
Sevo (Angola)
My experience at BEI was very good. The teachers are very good with their job, and can be funny at the moment they have to be. I really enjoyed all of the levels, especially because I realized that my English was getting better every minute that I spent there.
Salvador (Equatorial Guinea)

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