Welcome to the USA! Your safety is very important to us. We think our city is very safe, however, it is always important to take precautions. Please make sure you follow these simple rules for your security:

Observant of your surroundings:

It is very important to stay “alert” and observant of your surroundings. Wherever you are travelling, you should always observe your surroundings to be aware of who is walking behind or in front of you.

Night Time Out:

It is advised not to walk alone at night. Try and avoid it as much as possible. If it is absolutely necessary make sure to walk in groups or pairs.


Please always beware of ‘Crimes of Theft’. Make sure never to leave your personal belongings (wallets, purse, cellphone, laptops, books etc.) unattended. Don’t walk away, as it only takes a second for someone to steal your belongings. This rule is true for cars as well. Never leave wallets, purses, laptops, cellphones, and passport visibly on your seat while you leave your car to go into a store.

Personal Information:

Your personal information is your prized possession. Identity theft is when Credit cards, ID cards, Driver’s license, Passports are stolen. Never give out information over the phone or through emails. There are many scams of people pretending to be the IRS, FBI, etc. Always keep copies of your passports, visa, I-94, I-20 and other important documents.
Be happy and be safe always!!!

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