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Transferring for F1 Visa Students

If you wish to transfer to another school while studying on your F1 visa, you need to be sure you have maintained status by attending a full-time program, and be in good academic standing.

Transfer-In to BEI:

  • Meet with the International Student Advisor
    • The ISA will provide you with the information and documents needed to complete your transfer.
      • Transfer-In Checklist
      • International Student Enrollment Agreement
      • Transfer-In Form
  • Complete and return the International Student Enrollment Agreement
  • Return the completed Transfer-In Form from your current school advisor
  • Documents to submit: transcripts, I-94, current I-20, Passport biographic page, visa page, and financial support documents

Transfer-out of BEI:

Students who wish to transfer out to another school must inform the ISA of their plans before their current classes finish.

You must begin classes at the new school at their next available term.

  • Meet with the International Student Advisor
    • The ISA will provide with with the information and document needed to complete your transfer.
      • Exit Departure Form
      • Acceptance letter from the new school
      • Your new school’s Transfer-In Form

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