Houston is a big city, but visitors find that it is easy to get around. There are many options available to help you get from Point A to Point B.

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Public Transportation

Houston’s bus service is called, “Metro.” Bus 25 travels in front of Richmond Avenue, and there is a bus stop in front of BEI. The Metro system is well connected and you can get pretty much anywhere in Houston using the buses.


Houston does have taxis, but in most places, you will have to call the taxi service or use, “Hail a Cab” app on your smartphone to have one sent to you. Taxis can be a bit expensive in Houston. For example, a taxi from IAH airport to the Galleria area of Houston is around $45.


Companies like UBER and Get Me offer a cheaper alternative to Taxi services. This affordable option is convenient and there are many ride-share options in Houston. By using the apps on your smartphone, you can request a car.


Zipcar is a car rental service when you need to use a car for your own personal use, either hourly or daily. Users must sign up for memberships. There are 10 zipcar locations in Houston, mostly in Houston’s downtown and midtown areas.


The most popular option for students is leasing or purchasing their own car to use while they study. Having your own personal car gives you access to all of Houston and the surrounding areas. BEI is located near Highways I-69, Loop 610, and Westpark Tollway.

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