Custom Courses

Custom courses are lessons designed specifically for you and your language needs. Perhaps you have a big presentation coming up or you struggle with understanding American idioms.  Focus on specific language skills – Speaking, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar and more!  Consultation with our Curriculum team is available to help determine your strengths and areas to improve upon.

We offer:

  • Private Classes are individual lessons with one student and one teacher.
  • Semi-Private instruction is customized to fit the needs of 2 learners.
  • Mini-group lessons are customized to fit the needs of 3 – 5 learners.
  • Group lessons

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Within the walls of the global office, there is a different kind of English being spoken.  Knowing the difference could make or break your professional success here in the U.S.  The business world has a language all its own.  While familiar, there is no denying the pronounced difference between colloquial Everyday English and Business English that is suitable for the workplace.

English is not the only language you will encounter is the business world, but it is the language used most often.  In the global marketplace, English is the language that provides the greatest levels of global comprehension.  That means no matter where your travels may take you, you have a higher likelihood of encountering an English-speaking individual than you would with another language.

Business Language Skills offers a variety of courses that are targeted to International Business Professionals. This course guides participants to effectively communicate in the target language needed in corporate environments. Group and Private lessons available.

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It’s happened to us before.

You’re sitting in a restaurant, surrounded by a group of people, and it comes time for you to order. You give your order, but the waitress doesn’t understand. So you try again and again, until finally, the message hits home.

Or maybe you were at work, enjoying a conversation with a colleague or issuing a report to your boss when suddenly, you hit a wall. Try as you might, you just cannot pronounce the word that you need, and now the mood and momentum of your speech are ruined.

The matter is only made worse when it is a native speaker on the other end of the conversation and might not understand the struggles and frustrations of mastering a new language.

At BEI, we welcome students from all over the world each day.  We empower students like you with the tools you need to be successful in your life. 

We can help you communicate more clearly, teaching you new ways to speak English more naturally.

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English for Specific Purposes courses focuses on vocabulary and language skills needed for effective communication.   Focus on the specific language skill you need to improve – Grammar • Writing • Speaking • Listening • Reading.  Learn the English you need for your industry – Medical, Oil/Gas, Hospitality, and more!  Group and Private lessons available.

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