Everyday English Program

While it’s important to have business and formal communication skills, it’s always essential that you can converse socially in all situations. When it comes to your English language journey, Evening English will give you the skills you can start using immediately. Go to the store, converse with colleagues, dine out and make friends, all with the help of Evening English.

In this course, students will develop all necessary skills.  Through active participation, students are able to expand on their vocabulary base and increase their knowledge of both American culture and grammar structures.  This course integrates all core language skills so that students obtain communicative proficiency demonstrated through confidence and comfort in all skill areas.  This class is perfect for working professionals who need to boost their language skills.
*This program is available for International Students seeking an F1- Visa. International students must enroll for our full time schedule in the evenings.

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10 Hours/Week
Evening Class
9 Levels
Interactive Group Lessons

BEI's Approach to Evening English

In this targeted course, we specifically focus on the everyday vernacular that you need to know for casual communication throughout the day. We place a heavy emphasis on listening comprehension and grammar structure, focusing on how words sound so you can easier grasp proper pronunciation.

At BEI, we use our exclusive 9-level program, which features a tiered approach to language comprehension. This helps you to more easily retain words and phrases, so you master everyday English that much faster. Through active participation, you can expand your vocabulary base and language comprehension, while also becoming intimately familiar with real American culture.

This course is all about conversation, so in class, we talk. We talk about the weather, we talk about the news and we talk about our students’ lives. As long as we are talking, we are learning, so we steer the conversations towards the important things in your life to make your instruction more relatable.

We integrate core language skills, so our students achieve communicative proficiency with all of the comfort and confidence that comes with the mastery of a new language. Whether you are a new student preparing for an American university or a working professional in need of better communication skills, the lessons that you will learn in our Everyday English course can prepare you for a lifetime of success here in the U.S.


2024 Course Schedule

TimeMonday - Thursday
6:30 pm – 7:45 pmIntegrated Language Skills
8:00pm - 9:00pmIntegrated Language Skills

Program Features

Program Features:

  • Concentrated focus on communicative learning
  • Flexible open enrollment to work with your schedule
  • Small, intimate class sizes for improved individualized learning
  • Highly experienced instructors who bring creativity and fun back to the classroom
  • Special emphasis on crucial personal and cultural development skills
  • Affordable tuition that won’t break the bank
  • Exceptional, proficient English-language instructors
  • Small, safe campus with personalized support
  • Eligible for Au Pairs meeting their education requirements!
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