Accent Reduction

It’s happened to us before.

You’re sitting in a restaurant, surrounded by a group of people, and it comes time for you to order. You give your order, but the waitress doesn’t understand. So you try again and again, until finally, the message hits home.

Or maybe you were at work, enjoying a conversation with a colleague or issuing a report to your boss when suddenly, you hit a wall. Try as you might, you just cannot pronounce the word that you need, and now the mood and momentum of your speech are ruined.

The matter is only made worse when it is a native speaker on the other end of the conversation and might not understand the struggles and frustrations of mastering a new language.

At BEI, we welcome students from all over the world each day.  We empower students like you with the tools you need to be successful in your life. 

We can help you communicate more clearly, teaching you new ways to speak English more naturally.

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Why Accent Reduction is Important for Success

When you are trying to communicate with native English speakers, you can hear your accent stronger than ever.

Reducing your accent can make you more competent.  Speak confidently in not only collegiate and professional environments but also social and casual settings, as well. 

There are a ton of different ways that accent reduction can improve and simplify your life.  When you go about your daily errands, when you order a meal at a restaurant, deliver a presentation in class or present a speech to your colleagues and superiors at work – these are all ways that accent reduction can reduce stress in your life.

What We Teach at BEI

We will help you reduce the sound of your foreign accent by changing the way you approach each word.

We specifically focus on how to pronounce vowels and consonants, as well as what parts of words to stress with attention to speed, pacing and intonation. These are all crucial parts of the English language.

Learn to speak English words with a more natural-sounding American accident, conversing casually with your family, friends and colleagues using everyday phrases and vocabulary. Our small class sizes allow for personalized attention and regular interaction so you can master English in a whole new way.

You already have the words. Now we will help you say them more clearly.

No matter your future plans, accent reduction is an integral part of acclimating to American life, making you feel more comfortable and able to communicate more effectively in your everyday life.

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