Business English

Within the walls of the global office, there is a different kind of English being spoken.  Knowing the difference could make or break your professional success here in the U.S.  The business world has a language all its own.  While familiar, there is no denying the pronounced difference between colloquial Everyday English and Business English that is suitable for the workplace.

English is not the only language you will encounter is the business world, but it is the language used most often.  In the global marketplace, English is the language that provides the greatest levels of global comprehension.  That means no matter where your travels may take you, you have a higher likelihood of encountering an English-speaking individual than you would with another language.

Business Language Skills offers a variety of courses that are targeted to International Business Professionals. This course guides participants to effectively communicate in the target language needed in corporate environments. Group and Private lessons available.

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The Benefits of Business English

As a non-native English speaker, it speaks to your character and abilities when you can offer advanced English comprehension in addition to your native language skills. Your willingness to go above and beyond by learning a new language shows future employers and business partners that you can be trusted to get the job done.

Your language skills can be your ticket to travel, earning you the opportunity to serve your organization in the global market. Advanced Business English skills are especially critical for high stakes business negotiations, where first impressions are everything, and little idiosyncrasies of language can easily set you back. If you are not well-versed in Business English, you may not be able to catch minor changes in grammar and syntax.

Contracts and technical lingo are hard enough to follow, but the formalities of business English to make it that much harder to understand. Just a minor misunderstanding could be the difference between millions of dollars or thousands of jobs lost, so we teach you to approach business English with a critical and analytical eye.

When you can communicate professionally using Business English, doors suddenly open. Proficiency in Business English can bring you a bigger paycheck, a better title and the life you have always wanted.

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