Custom Courses

Custom courses are lessons designed specifically for you and your language needs. Perhaps you have a big presentation coming up or you struggle with understanding American idioms.  Focus on specific language skills – Speaking, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar and more!  Consultation with our Curriculum team is available to help determine your strengths and areas to improve upon.

We offer:

  • Private Classes are individual lessons with one student and one teacher.
  • Semi-Private instruction is customized to fit the needs of 2 learners.
  • Mini-group lessons are customized to fit the needs of 3 – 5 learners.
  • Group lessons

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Program Features

  • Personalized learning program including pre-course evaluation, orientation interview, detailed curricular recommendations, and individual assessment
  • Customized lessons that give you intensive practice in the language topics most essential to you, for example: business communication, listening comprehension, TOEFL preparation, writing, or general English vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.
  • Experienced, dedicated and friendly teachers
  • Appropriate for all Levels
  • 20 Hour Course minimum
  • Flexible locations:
  • Our Location
  • A location of your choice

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Whatever the need – BEI can help! Lessons are personalized to fit the language abilities of the learner.

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