Solutions for Business

By Industry
BEI’s extensive experience with diverse industries combines with your specific organization and employee needs to identify appropriate global competencies. Oil & Gas? Manufacturing? Globalizing your company presents many opportunities, as well as challenges. Whether you are just considering the prospect of global incentives and resources, or if you are looking to broaden your global presence, BEI will help.

By Requirement
We are prepared to customize training for an individual or an entire company. Whether you are bringing an employee to Houston, or sending an employee for an overseas assignment, we can ensure a successful transition, business experience, and opportunity for greater success. Have something else in mind? Let’s talk.

By Region
Wherever your business is heading, we can help you get there. BEI’s comprehensive solutions can help you confidently work with any country by equipping you with the necessary skills in areas such as language training, business behavior, and cross-cultural interactions.

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