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Special Programs


Special Programs are customized for each individual specific language and communication need.

Business English

Business Language Skills offers a variety of courses that are targeted to International Business Professionals.  This course guides participants to effectively communicate in the target language needed in corporate environments.  Group and Private lessons available.

Accent Reduction

Our Accent Reduction course is ideally offered on a private basis and is customized to fit your learning needs. The curriculum focuses on pronunciation, phonetics, language flow, fluency, syllable stress, and speech clarity.

TOEFL Preparation

This course is focused specifically on preparing students for the TOEFL exam, not language acquisition. Students who elect to take this course must demonstrate a high intermediate (B2) level of English proficiency. B2 corresponds to Level 5 at BEI.  Group and Private lessons available.

Presentation Skills

Students in Presentation Skills courses will gain confidence for group speaking scenarios.  Focus in this course includes accent reduction, body language, voice projection, and gaining fluency and accuracy. Group and Private lessons available.

American Culture

Cultural Orientation training courses focus on communication integrated with local insights into customs, attitudes, beliefs, and values in order to successfully transition into living and working in the United States, and abroad.  Group and Private lessons available.

English for Specific Purposes

English for Specific Purposes courses focuses on vocabulary and language skills needed for effective communication, with an emphasis in specific industries, such as oil/gas, medical, hotel, etc.  Group and Private lessons available.

Target Languages

English and Spanish.

Special Programs

  • Business English
  • Accent Reduction
  • TOEFL Preparation
  • Presentation Skills
  • American Culture
  • English for Specific Purposes

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