Special Workshops

10-Hour Mini Workshops • One-to-One • At your Own Schedule

These short workshop courses are perfect for helping you in your career path.

Take Advantage of our Promotion & Register for one of the Following Courses:

Presentation Skills

Do you have an upcoming presentation? Our mini workshop can help you prepare.  Work with our instructor to perfect your language – both written and spoken.  Practice your skills – choose the right words, present with confidence, use appropriate body language.  We’ll help you to have an amazing presentation!

Accent Reduction

This workshop is perfect for students who feel they are constantly misunderstood when speaking English.  Our instructor will evaluate your accent and help you customize practice exercises to overcome your pronunciation struggles.  You’ll be able to work towards speaking English clearly and naturally.

Interview Preparation

You received the message.  You are being invited for a job interview.  Now what?  If English isn’t your first language, then preparing for an interview can be stressful.  You need to be professional and confident – and you need to do it all in English! Book this mini workshop to practice mock interviews with your instructor, and receive personalized feedback customized just for you and your dream job.     

Resume Writing

Let BEI help you develop a resume you can be proud of.  You will learn the American Do’s and Don’ts of resume writing.  Work with our instructor to learn about resume formatting, correct punctuation, and useful vocabulary that fits your experience and industry. 

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Special Workshops

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