America truly is the land of opportunity, and at BEI, we are in the business of making that opportunity happen. Enjoy the help of a supportive community that embraces your culture as you learn a new one. These are just some of the ways that BEI empowers you to achieve your best.


It’s not easy venturing to a new place and beginning a new chapter. We remember what it was like to feel those nerves of uncertainty, so we offer a special orientation program for our new students. We want you to feel comfortable at BEI so that you can make the most of your education. That begins with Orientation. During Orientation, we will help you with what to expect as you embark on this exciting new adventure. Review School Policies • Explore Local Resources • Meet Your BEI Team


Your BEI Certificate is a testament to all of those hours of studying, and your hard work should be celebrated. We celebrate you and your achievements with your very own BEI Certificate. BEI helps you reach your fullest potential, and you have your BEI Certification to prove it. Use it for employment, gain admissions to university, and show your friends and family all of your hard work. Showcase your certificates and share them with the world as a testament to your courage, perseverance and dedication that has brought you here to the cusp of success and opportunity. Now, the possibilities are endless.


Immigration can be a very complicated process. We understand because we’ve been there ourselves. We intimately remember the difficulties and the challenges, and now we share the tips that we wish we had known then. Benefit from our experience as we help guide you with your inquiries about your status. Was your asylum application just granted? Is your I-20 about to expire? Your Student Advisor is here to lend a helping hand whenever you need us.


One of the benefits of a BEI education is the support you receive. As a student at BEI, you have access to college and university counseling from our knowledgeable staff. Understanding the American university system can be overwhelming. Partner with your advisor to accomplish your next education goals. Our team will help you locate schools that offer the right programs for you. We will map out each step of the application process: essay writing support, understanding the admissions process, and other essential requirements to gain admittance. Benefit from expert help and support with the difficult process of applying to college in a foreign country. You’re not alone. Together, we will work with you to develop a plan.


Our experienced career counselors can provide you with all the support you need to be successful. Language is your ticket to a better education, a higher-paying job and a more fulfilled life. We will help you get there with educational and career counseling services to ensure that you have support every single step of the way. Whatever your dream, your career counselor is here to help you become successful. Together, we will help you plan for the appropriate service: education and training, career pathways, resume assistance, and more! BEI is always here for you, with a career guidance that can help you identify your interests and strengths.


To best assess your language proficiency, there is a placement test that we ask you to complete upon entry to BEI. This helps us guide you in your coursework to study at the level that’s right for you, so you don’t spend money and time on classes you don’t need. BEI’s Placement test measures your abilities in different language skills like speaking and writing. Placement tests are scheduled on campus or online before your courses start. And remember… There is no perfect language score – That’s why you found us!


Requesting a Transcript from BEI is easy and free! As you complete levels at BEI, you may need to provide your cumulative course results for university admissions, scholarship sponsors, or employers. A transcript is an official document that summarizes all of your courses and grades. Request a transcript from BEI’s Front Desk.


Your student advisor will help you adjust to life at BEI, providing you with insider tips, guidance, and resources. We’re here to help you learn the in’s and out’s of life in America. Throughout your coursework, you have BEI on your side, rooting for you and helping to clear the way to success. Your advisor will help keep you on track so you can accomplish all of your dreams and more. Need advice? Have questions? Schedule to meet with a BEI advisor.

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